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How is the nameplate made?
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How is the nameplate made?

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How is the nameplate made?


  It is understood that the nameplate is one of the raw and auxiliary materials that is fixed on the product and provides users with information such as manufacturer's trademark identification, brand distinction, and product parameter memory. It is the label of a product and belongs to the information mark of a product. However, many friends do not know how the nameplate is made, it is actually very simple. As long as you can operate the computer, there is a drawing tool in the computer to make the nameplate you want.

  The editor will share with you, what is the production method of the nameplate? The details are as follows:

  1. Before making the nameplate, you must prepare the tools and raw materials for making the nameplate. Generally, you don't need any tools. You only need a computer that won't crash and jam. There is a windows drawing tool in our computer.

  2. First of all, before making the production, open the drawing tool of our computer. First use the function of the border to make a frame of suitable size on the white page. Then according to the needs of the product or the requirements of customers, make the corresponding logo.

  3. The production of Logo is to be based on the text description, not simply to get those messy patterns on it. To get product information and the like in this pulled out frame. And the font of the logo is to be set. Generally, it should be bold and enlarged. It can't be said that a frame is as big as the entire screen, those words are as big as sesame seeds, it must be ugly.

  4. Next, after setting the font and text product knowledge, you need to add the parameters of the product. For some products, parameters need to be added and must be added. Then the fonts should be as uniform as possible, not one big and one small, which will be very incongruous.

  5. Then the logo on the nameplate is also very particular. Some vague logos and some logos that do not match the product parameter information at all cannot be used. Want the kind of logo that looks obvious at a glance, and so does the text. Then if you feel it is OK, just click save and the production is complete. Then you can print it directly.

  6. Be sure to pay attention to the font settings during the production process, otherwise it will be ugly. The content can be manually regulated, and the position must be adjusted. That's it.

  The above is the whole process of the production method of the nameplate introduced by Xiaobian for you. As long as you follow these steps, it can be made for people who know a little computer knowledge. Of course, the nameplate is the bottom label of a product, and the quality of it will directly affect the sales of a product. Therefore, the production of nameplates is also very important.

What are the shapes and material classifications of signs?

What are the shapes and material classifications of signs?

Signs are very common in our daily life, but signs can be divided into wooden signs, plastic signs and metal signs because of the different materials, which makes people dazzling. So how are signs classified? And what forms does it have? Let the technical staff of Hisense nameplate introduce it:
Contents and requirements of the nameplate of the low pressure test chamber

Contents and requirements of the nameplate of the low pressure test chamber

The nameplate of the low pressure test box should be clear and durable, and fixed firmly. The contents of the nameplate of the low pressure test chamber shall include:
Fiber Optic Marking: An Excellent Technology for Marking Metal Nameplates

Fiber Optic Marking: An Excellent Technology for Marking Metal Nameplates

Metal nameplates are also known as metal signs. Common metal nameplates mainly mark the manufacturer's LOGO, information parameters, or some commemorative patterns. Due to the outstanding performance of metal nameplates in preservation, wear resistance, appearance and texture, etc., it is widely used. The general material of the metal nameplate is a metal sheet, which is used more such as: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, aluminum oxide, zinc alloy, iron, zinc alloy, etc.

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