Aluminum stainless steel nameplate
  • Aluminum stainless steel nameplate

Aluminum stainless steel nameplate

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Brass, aluminum and stainless steel


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    • Commodity name: Aluminum stainless steel nameplate
    • Commodity ID: 铝不锈钢铭牌050
    Stainless steel plate is a stainless steel plate as the material through corrosion, die casting or printing and other means of processing. Stainless steel is a kind of special material, its production process is much more difficult than copper plate and aluminum plate, but it has good resistance to atmospheric and fresh water medium corrosion performance, and the decorative effect is very beautiful after corrosion, polishing and wire drawing, so the fastest corrosion method for stainless steel is electrochemical corrosion, also known as electrolytic corrosion.
    Most of the stainless steel signs used at this stage are made by corrosion technology. Such signs have the characteristics of beautiful patterns, clear lines, appropriate depth, smooth bottom surface, full color, uniform wire drawing, and consistent surface color.
    stainless steel signs production process:
    1, material preparation, according to the requirements of the selection of specifications and plates;
    2. Use the computer to arrange the graphic files of the signs, and then use the lettering machine to carve out the layout of the signs with adhesive;
    3. Stick the engraved adhesive on the plate accurately to make the film stick flat and firmly attached. The plate with the film needs to be heated;
    4. Clean the corroded signs and prepare for painting. Paint can be used as baking varnish (oven is required) or automobile metal paint;
    5. After the paint is sprayed and dried, remove the excess adhesive on the sign, and the product is completed.
    Main process: etching, coloring, drawing, stamping.
    Main uses: furniture, household appliances, door industry, machinery and equipment, etc.
    Advantages: fashion, simple, thin and quality (strong metal texture).
    Main installation method: double-sided tape or small nails with holes on both sides.

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