Crystal Drop Glue Placard
  • Crystal Drop Glue Placard

Crystal Drop Glue Placard

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Crystal Drop Glue Placard


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    • Commodity name: Crystal Drop Glue Placard
    • Commodity ID: 水晶滴胶标牌018

    Crystal glue drop sign is a sign made of plastic and resin. It is a common sign product, such as hardware leather sign, leather sign, leather nameplate, clothing leather sign, leather plate, imitation leather sign, badge leather sign and other soft plastic sign art products. PVC is soft and flexible.

    Precautions for the production of glue drop signs:

    1. The containers used for the glue dropping sign must be dry, clean and dust-free, otherwise it will affect the surface effect of the glue after curing, resulting in undesirable phenomena such as ripples, water lines and pockmarks.

    2. The glue must be weighed accurately according to the weight ratio. Imbalance in proportion will make the glue dry for a long time or the hard glue will become soft. The glue must be stirred evenly, otherwise tortoise lines or resin lines will appear on the surface after the glue is cured, or the glue will not cure completely.

    3. It is recommended to control the relative humidity of the air in the working environment within 68%, and the site temperature should be 23-25 ℃. If the moisture in the working environment is too heavy, the glue surface will be oxidized into mist or bubbles will be difficult to eliminate. The temperature is too low or too high will affect the glue curing and use time.

    4. The work dripped with glue should be dried in the concentrated area, and the temperature should be controlled at about 28 ℃-40 ℃.

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