Alloy placard
  • Alloy placard

Alloy placard

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Alloy placard


  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Alloy placard
    • Commodity ID: 合金标牌016
    Main uses: furniture, wine bottles (boxes), tea boxes, bags, doors, cars and so on.
    Material: zinc alloy/copper/iron
    Main process: die-casting, polishing, sand sweeping, electroplating, coloring.
    Main installation method: double-sided tape or small nails with holes on both sides.
    Product features:
    1. Fashionable design, exquisite and exquisite, easy to carry, a good choice to send yourself to your lover and friends.
    2, exquisite and small, changeable shape, always reflect your mood, show your personality, show your taste.
    3, the use of environmentally friendly real/imitation gold plating, sweat resistance, wear resistance, durable, environmentally friendly allergy, color retention time is long.
    Advantages: style, decorative pattern and shape plasticity, concave and convex three-dimensional sense of strong, strong metal texture.

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