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For customers:We offer speedy, safe, reliant and honest service in an all-round way.
For employees: offer work platform that leads to sustainable development and ideal training plan, which are aimed at enabling enterprise to serve customers and employees until ultimately bring about win-win outcome for customers, employees and enterprise.

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Shenzhen Haixinda Nameplate Co.,

Shenzhen Haixinda Nameplate Co., Ltd. was founded in Shenzhen, Guangdong in 2000 and mainly takes order of trademark and scutcheon. Our main products include copper, aluminum and stainless steel nameplates, plastic scutcheons, mirror display, three-dimensional scutcheons, and crystal glue plates for computers, cell phones, sound equipment, refrigerators, air-conditioner, and other household electrical appliances and digital products

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+86-755-27749048 85290848
2nd floor, Building No. 25 Dalang Jinming Industrial Area, Hualong New Area, Shenzhen

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